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Mac Entertainment has been established since 1995, and our team have been working as Professional Musicians in the music industry since 1983 in countries including the UK, UAE, Japan, South Korea, USA, Spain, France, Italy, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, and even Scotland – either working as musicians in Live Bands on tour playing in front of 22,000 people or solo artists playing for Royalty and Heads Of State.

Our Pitch to win your vote of confidence: So basically we understand musicians and how we all work, our needs and our special way of thinking that no ‘Agency’ can really know unless they have been there and done it – we have!

Our Moto: is to take care of the artists first and foremost – and ‘always’ work hard to ensure our artists are supported and not taken advantage of.  A career as a professional musician, dancer or visual artist is just that, ‘a career’ and your livelihood.

What we need from you/useful advice:

Many artists good or bad have not spent time on putting together professional looking promotional material. It doesn’t matter if you are Lady GaGa or Steve the pub singer, if you present yourself to us with shaky video footage and a one line CV, a photo from 1973 and no website; it makes it hard for the client/hotel to get a real sense of your true quality.

Video: Does NOT need to be a Hollywood directed feature, just a good ‘steady’ camera (live gig if possible), ensure you show 4-6 short 1-2 minute clips of different styles of music that you perform (or styles of performance).

Photos: Ensure photos are current and of professional quality, its not expensive to spend a few hours in a studio once every 2-3 years – makes a real difference!

CV/History: Sell yourself, tell us what you have done and where you have played, share your testimonials from past clients/hotel managers.

Below is a list of artists we generally work with, but we are ALWAYS open to new and exciting acts, no matter how weird and wonderful!


Classical – Piano/Violin/Cello/Guitar/Flute including duets/trios/quartets

Pop/Jazz/Rock – Soloists, Duos, Trios, Bands

DJ’s – Male / Female commercial / club/ techno/ house / wedding …

Cirque – Fire / Juggling / Stilts / Acrobats / Kid Entertainers …

Dance: all types but as a general rule, clients look for a full range of varied ideas…

MC’s/Speakers: not something we focus our business on but we do like to have you on your books if your unique


Types of events/work we book for: One-Off corporate events, Resident 5-7 star hotel acts, weddings & private parties…

Areas of Work: United Kingdom, EU, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, China, Japan, South Korea…


So there you have it – if you are interested in showing us you stuff email to